Day 9: Embedding a Twitter feed

A twitter feed from either a Twitter account or a search (i.e. hashtag) can be easily embedded into a VLE (virtual learning environment) or a website. The embedded Twitter content will provide an RSS feed displaying tweets directly on the page. For example, you will have noticed that there is a Twitter feed embedded into this website linked to our course hashtag (#UCD10DoT). The advantage of doing this is that it has the potential to increase engagement and level of exposure of tweeted content while easily connecting specific Twitter content with other related channels. In addition, you are not excluding those website visitors or VLE viewers who do not have Twitter accounts. Where you are using Twitter with you students as part of a module, it’s a good idea to embed it into the VLE (Blackboard in UCD), as this helps to keep students up-to-date when they log in, and also demonstrates the links between what they are learning and external activities and online communities.

The video below provided detailed instructions on how to embed a Twitter feed into a VLE or website. Review the video and bookmark this page so that you can easily find it again if you decide to integrate Twitter into a module/project.  You’ve a choice of tasks today…and a opportunity to be creative!






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