Day 5: Embedding URLs

By now you will know that a tweet is limited to 140 characters so therefore its important to consider how best to compose your tweet to get your message across. Consider linking to other places on the web where a topic can be discussed at greater length. Twitter works really well as a way to bring people’s attention to other, longer items online, such as a journal article, website or blog. Today we’ll look at how to shorten and embed a URL into your tweets. Review the short video below and then complete today’s task. 



Here are some links to URL shortening sites (other than Twitter’s inbuilt tool)

  • You can also track how many clicks your shortened link received.
  •  This will also allows you to customise shortened links.
  • You can also add links to photos, files and videos with this site.
  • Owned by Google this will also produce a QR code for your link and if you have a Google+ account you can access lots of analytics about your shortened link.





There are more and more sites including ‘Share This’ buttons for the various social media platforms, making it very easy and quick to share digital articles and resources. This is part of what it means to be an ‘Open Scholar’ in the digital age – it costs you very little to share your useful daily digital finds with others, so why not? Here is an example of ‘Share This’ option in Taylor & Frances Online.



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